El Salvador announced that it plans to open a bitcoin office in the US state of Texas in its latest project related to promoting the most famous digital currency, after the US state agreed to open the office there.

El Salvador broke new ground when it announced that Bitcoin would be a legal digital currency in 2021. Now the country’s authorities are taking new steps to promote digital currencies around the world. In this context, El Salvador preferred to start in Texas, one of the central regions for bitcoin mining.

El Salvador’s plans to open a bitcoin office were announced via Twitter after the country’s ambassador to the United States, Melina Mayorga, met with Texas Deputy Secretary of State Joe Esparza on February 15.

Melina Mayorga, in her tweet, said that Texas has new allies and that they discussed opening a Bitcoin office and expanding economic exchange projects during the meeting. Apart from this development, El Salvador set up a Bitcoin office in Switzerland last year to increase the adoption of digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, across Europe. Thus, the initiative of the authorities in Texas is seen as the second step to adopting Bitcoin.

Despite the positive moves in El Salvador, which has adopted Bitcoin and has taken important steps in this direction, on the other hand, the pressure of US regulators on the cryptocurrency seems to have increased. Regulators have intensified their investigations in recent days regarding some companies carrying out cryptocurrency activities as unregistered securities and performing digital currency storage services without permission.

Moreover, the US authorities, who also deal with the stablecoin market, continue their efforts to keep the largest sector of the cryptocurrency industry under control.