The futures contracts for US stock indices recorded a clear decline during pre-market trading for the last trading week, due to the following:

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures fell by 0.45%, to settle near 33,586.00 points.
The Nasdaq 100 index futures contract decreased by 0.80%, and settled near 12,382.25 points.
S&P futures contracts decreased by about 26 points, to record approximately 4,074.00 points.
It is noteworthy that the US stock indices closed trading yesterday, Tuesday, with a strong decline in all the standard indices, as the Nasdaq 100 index recorded a decline equivalent to approximately 215 points, to record about 11,855.84 points, and the S&P 500 index declined marginally, strongly by 1.38%, to settle near 4,090.41 points, and the Dow index scored Jones, a clear decrease of 1.26%, to settle near 33,696.85 points.

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