The American company, Tesla, the leader in the electric car industry, announced that it will recall about 362,000 cars to update the Beta program for full self-driving, and these cars are Model S made from 2016 to 2023, and Model “X” made from 2017 to 2023, in addition to Model 3 and Model Y made 2020. to 2023.

The American company indicated that it would issue a remote update of the program for free, and that it was not aware of any injuries or deaths that could be linked to this recall.

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It should be noted that the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration confirmed that the Tesla program allows the vehicle to exceed the specified maximum speed or pass intersections in violation of the law or cannot be expected, which increases the risk of many accidents.

It is noteworthy that Tesla, the electric car maker, announced earlier that it would strengthen its presence in Nevada by investing about $ 3.6 billion to expand manufacturing capabilities in the state of Nevada, adding that the increase in software-related profits – which was reflected in the company’s record net income – will maintain higher profit margins. than any other car company. Tesla said it plans to mass-produce pickup trucks and will manufacture enough cell batteries for two million lightweight vehicles annually in Nevada.

During today’s trading, Tesla’s share rose by 1.09%, recording about $203.26, and the stock may continue its rise during trading, towards strong resistance levels near the level of $220 per share, or perhaps Tesla’s share may continue its rise near the level of $240 per share, and on the other hand, it may The stock fails to continue the rise and declines at support levels near $187, or $176 per share.

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